I’ve been assessing the need to change my online username for awhile now, but it wasn’t until a couple days ago that I finally took the initiative and did so. I’ve changed my username from Gamecrafter (fallback username was gamecraftervt) to ifvictr for the following reasons:

  • professionalism: Does Gamecrafter or does ifvictr sound better in the workplace? I put that into consideration after browsing several websites for professionals. A majority of the users on those sites had found a way to include their real-life names in their username. This will be a username I intend to use in professional environments. The name Gamecrafter sounded too... childish.
  • uniformity: I didn’t like the idea of using Gamecrafter on some sites and gamecraftervt on others. If it wasn’t taken here, it was taken there.
  • uniqueness: You need to be unique. The name Gamecrafter wasn’t distinct enough, which lead to it being taken already on a couple sites.

Why I chose the username ifvictr:

  • if: Keyword used in many programming languages, indicating control structure
  • vic: First three letters of my first name
  • tr: First two letters of my last name, “victr” can also be my first name, but without the “o”

I was not able to change my username on some sites immediately, but I did manage to change most of it. I will intentionally leave my username on some sites unaffected, with the reason being that I’ve built a reputation using that name, and I intend to keep it, so people can still refer to me using that name. I will still respond if you call me by my old name, but I’d prefer it if you called me by my new name on any of the sites it’s used on.