I've been moving from service to service, looking for the best one to host my blog on. I'd love to write about everything I encounter, and a blog is what I would consider, a public diary. But the search for one has taken me to many places.

I was using Tumblr back in the day when I first started finding interest in blogging. Eventually I came to realize that it was too cluttered, and too many random things popping up on my dashboard. It even came to the point where I needed to install a browser extension to get rid of all the nonsense. We have Yahoo to blame for that, because they love putting random things where you don't want it to be, at the worst time. That's exactly why I deleted my Yahoo mail (I still can't believe why I even registered for one in the first place). Also, it was slow, which proves many sites correct about its speed. This led me to abandon it and continue my search for a better platform.

After that fiasco, I switched to Medium. Its minimalist interface was what caught my eye in the first place. It was pretty good for a good couple of months, but then I realized that it wasn't the best for a blogger, especially since it's mainly for writers, like the really professional ones, ones that do it for a living. I still use Medium, but only to find the writings of those writers, but I seldom do any actually writing myself. I also abandon hopes of using Medium as my blogging platform, and continue my search. This finally leads me to Ghost.

Ghost is a pretty cool one, better than all the ones I've previously seen and tried. It combines Tumblr's level of customizability with its ability to customize themes and Medium's ease of use and a clean UI. This blog uses the Ghost platform, in case you haven't already noticed. This blog, however, has one thing significantly different from the last two services I have used. It isn't hosted by any company, that claim rights over the content you generate. This is my blog, and everything I make is mine. Hopefully Heroku doesn't mind I said that, because I'm using my favorite PaaS to host this blog right now. I would love to move this into my own servers and self-host it someday, but if you don't know me, I'm too poor to afford all that. Another motivation for me to use Ghost is that I finally bought my own domain ifvictr.com over the Thanksgiving holiday, for a bargain on Black Friday, and I thought a blog.ifvictr.com would look pretty nice.

I would highly recommend anyone looking for a blogging service to use Ghost, it's fairly easy to set-up, especially if you have a background in computers. I used this awesome thingy to set up everything, and it was pretty neat. It's one of the most cost-efficient ways to setup a very nice personal blog, compared to using free services.